Information on Data Protection

regarding the business unit of SWICON Zrt. dealing with labour recruitment, placement

Before sending your CV, please carefully read the following information on data processing which always shall be in accordance with the prevailing legal regulations in effect on data protection in particular with provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Rights of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (hereinafter: Info tv.)

Registration numbers for data processing NAIH-84102-2015 and NAIH-100514/2016 issued by the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH).

This Informative Description is permanently available on website

By addressing and sending your CV to the e-mail address from your own correspondence system you accept the information of our Company on data protection and declare that you have understood and accepted the information contained therein and announce that you have provided your data voluntarily and expressly accepted data processing in accordance with this Informative Description.

In case this Description mentions CV that should mean the User’s CV and motivation letter, enclosed or uploaded references and other documents with their complete contents.

General information

In the course of our activities performed with required data processing we pay special attention to protection of your personal and special data sent to us.

Processing of data shall mean any operation or set of operations that has been performed upon data whether or not by automatic means as well as in particular collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaption or transmission to employer, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure, or destruction, hindering of further use of data.

Personal data shall mean any definite (identified or identifiable) data that can be connected to a natural person and any conclusion drawn from such information pertaining to the data subject. In the course of data processing the personal data maintains this quality as long as its relationship with the affected person can be restored. A person shall be considered identifiable in particular if he/she can be identified directly or indirectly by name, by identification mark, and, by one or more factors specific to his/her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity.

Special data shall mean data revealing racial origin, or nationality, ethnic minority, political opinions, and any affiliation with political parties, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade union, health status, and personal data related to pathological addictions, sex life, or criminal record.

  1. Please note, that personal data processed in the course of recruitment performed by our Company shall be as follows:
  2. Surname
  3. First name
  4. Birth name
  5. Birth place and date
  6. Citizenship
  7. Place of residence
  8. Place of stay (address for letters)
  9. Marital status
  10. Number of dependent children
  11. E-mail address
  12. Phone number (Mobile, fixed)
  13. Data regarding studies
  14. Data regarding jobs
  15. Data regarding foreign language knowledge
  16. Information on permanent reduction in functional capacity
  17. Other information characteristically included in CV, thus e.g. references, opinions from third parties, leisure activities, certificates, qualifications and degrees, awards and other documents, information contained therein, photos.

We do not necessarily handle all of the above enlisted data, there are however some data, that should be given so that the service can be used, or so that we can provide the service for you.

Our Company shall not undertake any responsibility for any special data (e.g. contained in the CV) learnt without expressed request therefore, we kindly ask not to provide such data in lack of an explicit request in this regard.

You have the opportunity to provide recommendations or references that were issued by somebody else (e.g. your previous employer). In this case however it is your task and responsibility to collect approval from the issuer person, so that you can share this recommendation or reference with other persons.

Consent to data processing

By applying you expressly give your consent to data processing and data transmission to third persons within and beyond national boundaries.

We inform you hereby that rectification, deletion, locking of data, information regarding data processing by the employer in respect of data transmitted to employer may be requested and right to object addressed to the given employer may be exercised. Requests received by our Company but related to data transmitted to the employer will be forwarded by our Company to the Employer.

In case of transmission of data to abroad it may happen that regulations regarding data protection in that third country to the territory of which we transmit personal data shall be of a lower level, than level of rules in the EU. You shall acknowledge this fact and in the course of registration you expressly agree that employers in such third countries may also have access to the personal data and your personal data may be transmitted to them, respectively. In order to prohibit data processing to be performed by such persons you shall contact the given employer, principal or third person.

We do not transmit special data either verbally or in writing and do not create the possibility for any third persons to have access to those data by any way.

Aim and purpose of data processing

Our Company is active in the fields of selection of manpower, employment mediation, job-matching services, personalised counselling and processing of related data base, and our company handles your personal data in frame of those activities to support search for employment including necessary selection processes, tests and also data processing in connection with job offers.

The purpose of data processing shall be to provide support, consultancy and advice in connection with your future placement, taking a job on basis of your application and voluntary transmission of data and to examine the opportunity of your employment in the positions indicated by our partners and principals being in contractual relationship with us in this regard and in case you may be suitable for the job according to expectations of the employer, we recommend, propose your employment and for the sake of your future employment, notices of new vacancies we will handle, process your data in our data base.

Further purpose of data management is to send also electronic newsletters. You have the possibility to register on our website without giving permission for sending electronic newsletters. In case you do not want to receive further newsletters, you can unsubscribe from the newsletters anytime you want, by sending us an “Unsubscribe Newsletter/Newsletter Cancellation” email. By registration, application you agree to receive notices of vacancies, events and lectures in connection with search for work at any of the contact details forwarded by you to our Company. Your data will not be used for purposes other than the indicated ones.

Collection, storage and transmission of personal data to third parties and any other data processing activity meeting the purpose of data processing will be carried out in a way to avoid that unauthorized persons can get access to them.

Provision of data is voluntary based on par a), Section (1) of §5 of Info tv.

In certain cases personal data processing can take place on other legal basis, such as legal obligation of our Company (Par a), indent (1) Section 6 of Info tv., / Data Protection Directive par c), article 7/, legitimate interests of the Company or third party (par b), indent (1), Section 6 of Info tv. / Data Protection Directive par f), article 7, performance of contract concluded with our Company (par (4) of Section 6 of Info tv), Data Protection Directive, par b) article 7). Personal data may be processed also for criminal law enforcement, national security and defence purposes, in case relevant legal regulations provide for this way. Personal data may be provided to organizations performing such tasks on the basis of provisions of relevant legal regulations.

Safety of your data

In order to assure safety of your personal and special data our Company applies rules of procedures which hinder unauthorized access to, alteration, forwarding, intentional or incidental deletion or destruction of such data.

Persons entitled to data processing

Employees of our Company shall be entitled to data processing, also partners being in legal relationship on basis of contract and principals being in legal relationship with our Company on basis of contract on labour placement.

If you wish to receive information on principals to whom your data for the purpose of labour placement were forwarded, or who could have access to those data, please contact us.

In order to protect your data our Company calls on all persons entitled to process data to adhere to rules of legal regulations and of this informative description and to meet confidentiality rules. In the course of data processing our contractual partners and principals take responsibility for compliance with provisions of legal regulations regarding protection of personal data, for which our Company undertakes no responsibility.

We wish to expressly remind you, that the service of employment mediation of our Company should be utilised only if you acknowledged this risk and we kindly ask in no case indicate or disclose any personal data or information that you do not wish to share with others.

Term of data processing

We save and process the data in our data base 3 years following the survey or, as long as you do not ask for deletion of those data, respectively. This term is based on the grounds, that there is a real chance within 3 years that we can offer an acceptable job to you so that we can notify you also in the future on a job opportunity suitable to your experiences and qualifications.

In case of obligatory data processing our Company handles the data as long as it is stipulated in the given legal rule.

You can initiate your data processed by us to be deleted any time. We will meet your request in office hours without delay.

You may ask information on processing of your data any time. Upon your request we will give information on data processed by us and we will inform you on the persons and purpose the information are or were disclosed. Information in this regard may be requested by e-mail, sent to the following address:

You shall take responsibility for correctness of data communicated by you. You may ask correction of your personal data in case they were altered any time. Data that contradict the truth shall be rectified upon your request, and inaccurate or incomplete data shall also be deleted. We send you a special message on rectification or deletion upon your request by mail to the e-mail address accurately indicated for this purpose.

Cookie (cookies)

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Judicial remedy

You can enforce your rights to protection of your personal data or turn to Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.

Please note, that anybody can initiate an investigation in front of Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C, postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.) with reference to infringement of rights in connection with personal data processing, exercising, respectively rights related to access to public information or information of public interest or in case of a direct danger of same.

You can turn to competent Court in the following cases:

  • refusal of information,
  • refusal of request regarding rectification, deletion or lock,
  • in case of infringement of your rights and
  • if you do not agree with the decision regarding statement of objection or if our Company fails to observe a time limit open for evaluating the objection within 30 days from communicating of decision or from last day of deadline.

The court where the defendant has its seat (Budapest Capital Regional Court) will be competent to adjudge the matter. A court action suit may be filed for – up to choice of user – in front of the Court according to user’s place of residence or place of stay.

In case of any complaint or objection in connection with data processing by our Company please turn to our Company for reconciliation before launching the above processes.